Automate your custom service online

BotCenter allows your company to use chatbots which automatically assist your clients across online chats, social media, emails and mobile message apps.



Friendly on any device

Your customers will not have problems when scheduling an appointment, ordering food at home, viewing the status of their accounts, etc. using any of your devices.

Multiple digital channels

BotCenter works on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, email, web and mobile chats, and mobile messaging applications.

Flexible and adaptable

BotCenter is versatile enough to adapt to the process of communicational interaction that you desire for your clients.

Integrable with systems

BotCenter can work in conjunction with your systems through webservices, sending and receiving data to offer a more enriching interaction experience to your clients.

Integrable with PostCenter

BotCenter helps in customer service given through PostCenter, allowing your digital service executives to have a partner who streamlines their work. Visit for more information.

Custom chatbots

No company is the same as another, so our chatbots are custom to be consistent with the processes of your business and adapted to the style with which you communicate with your clients.

Examples of use

Ordering takeaway food

With the chatbots from BotCenter your clients can order food easily from sites such as Facebook, Twitter or a chat on your website.

Request information from your bank account

Our clients can access information from their bank account, in a secure and safe way, instantly. The messages are completely personalised and automatic, and information is only shared with the chatbot.

Organise an appointment with your dentist

Create a chatbot that allows your clients to easily reserve appointments, automatically, fast and efficiently.
Offer your clients a better solution to their problems by using a BotCenter chatbot alongside with PostCenter that connects the chatbot to your customer service agents. By doing so, whatever query, that is too complex for your chatbot, can be resolved by an agent in the same chat so that your client does not have the hassle of switching communication channels.


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